all pushing the same narrative: “Inflation Is Peaking”

Turn on any of the mainstream media propaganda ministry fake news outlets and they are all pushing the same narrative… “Inflation Is Peaking.”

Well, here is a little secret for you that you are not supposed to know… not only is inflation NOT peaking, but another surge higher is coming. The current action(s) being implemented by the Federal Reserve to “fight” inflation guarantee one thing- HIGHER INFLATION.

The Federal Reserve is still maintaining the false narrative that by raising the Federal Funds Rate/FFR, this will slow the pace of rising inflation… here is another secret for you… in no way will raising the FFR at its current rate slow the pace of inflation. The Federal Reserve is still maintaining a FFR well below the current inflation rate, and what does this do? By design this creates more inflation. Moreover, the Federal Reserve is now supposedly engaging in some kind of quantitative tightening program, which in theory is slowing the pace of its asset purchases and even possibly reducing the size of its balance sheet. Just to put this into perspective, the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve is now larger than the gross domestic product of most nations on Earth! And it will take DECADES for the Federal Reserve to reduce its balance sheet to anything which will make any difference whatsoever, or even resemble some kind of normalcy.

Here is yet even another secret for you. The Federal Reserve will use their new economic model, which is the creation of, proliferation of, and prolonging of, a crisis-to-crisis system to continue to inflate.

The single goal of a central bank is to inflate, period. The more debt they issue, the stronger they become. Every mechanism imaginable, and things which you cannot even possibly make up, will be utilized by the Federal Reserve as a means to inflate even more. Wars, and the expansion of war is the business of central banks. Fear, and the propagation of such is also the business of central banks. Wealth redistribution and wealth destruction is also the business model of central banks. Sucking wealth via suppressed rates from savers right up to the one percenters is the business of central banks. Price distortions to an extreme is also the business of the Federal Reserve specifically, in the form of deliberately inflating asset bubbles. If you were to look back on history, it will become clear to you that the Federal Reserve is a serial bubble blower- by design.

The fact is this- today in no way is inflation peaking. Moreover, the “inflation is peaking” false narrative being fist fed to the masses via the mainstream media should be your biggest clue that just the opposite is going to happen. So be ready…


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