The “Cure” For Covid? WAR! And Inflate the Debt.

Who knew that to eradicate Covid all they would need to do is start a war and vastly inflate the debt?

It’s simple… The mechanism being utilized to keep the debt-based system going is to orchestrate a crisis after crisis scheme so to pull more debt into the system itself. Moreover, as one concocted “crisis” comes to an end, another must be put in place to replace it.

The ONE glaring fact that is being hidden in plain sight from the public is this: the debt-based system DEMANDS that every reason imaginable, and even unimaginable, must be created to relentlessly inflate the global debt.

The debt-based system is totally dependent upon unyielding debt creation, and the number one way, BAR NONE, which allows debt to be pulled into the system is to create another “crisis.”

Creating a “crisis situation” gives puppet governments a blank check, for which the public MUST stand behind, (because a crisis is an emergency). And as in any crisis or emergency, unlimited cash must be thrown at it… Cash that must be borrowed from central banks- and it is your patriotic duty to support it!

Today the situation is dire from several perspectives. Looking deeper, the crisis-to-crisis scheme is being utilized to fuel global debt faster than ever before. Today, commodity prices are surging at their fastest pace in over a century! And inflation is raging higher. People in the middle class continue to be systematically wiped out, and the 1 and 2%ers are richer today than ever before- and getting richer.

Moving forward, you will see a series of more “crisis” situations develop. Expect much higher food and energy prices, possibly even major shortages. Expect so called world leaders to speak out loudly, calling on the public to get behind and support financially to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars every manner of concocted crisis. Expect human suffering on a world-wide scale to get much worse, and a massive transfer of wealth right up to the elite to accelerate.


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