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Giuseppe Veneziano - Spiderman supersex (2018) Quelle: Galerie Kronsbein

Giuseppe Veneziano


Giuseppe Veneziano – The Murder of Grumpy (2017)

About the artist

Giuseppe Veneziano was born in Mazzarino, Italy in 1971. He began at an early age to express his provocative creativity; in 1977, at the age of six, he found himself drawing huge faces of wellknown Italian cartoon characters Goldrake, Candy Candy, and Tiger Man on the sidewalks. His inspirations were Vasco Rossi, Rambo, Jim Morrison, Andrea Pazienza, Charles Baudelaire, Louis I. Kahn, and Ilona Staller (also known as Cicciolina).


In his homeland italy he is a star already


To please his mother, and against his own wishes, Veneziano attended the Istituto Tecnico per Geometri (Technical Institute for Building Surveyors). He then enrolled in the School of Architecture in Palermo. He graduated after six years, working with comic books-doing illustrations for Il Giornale di Sicilia and taking part in the students movement. After reading The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho, he was inspired to move to Milan, where he currently lives and works.


The figure as bronze casting


The „Skater Pope“

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Giuseppe Veneziano – Skater Pope (2017)


then the bronze figure is painted in his studio

Veneziano the artist in the bronze processing


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Giuseppe Veneziano – The Murder of Grumpy (2017)
Pencil on rice paper

Finissage Mash-Up in munich


Unique works of art



Giuseppe Veneziano – The Dark Empire (2017)



Giuseppe Veneziano – Biancaneve allo specchio (2018)



Giuseppe Veneziano – Merda d’artista (2011)



Giuseppe Veneziano – Quasi amici (2017)



Giuseppe Veneziano – Spiderman supersex (2018)



Giuseppe Veneziano – La Madonna di Superman (2017)



Giuseppe Veneziano – Goodbye Lenin (2017)

The book is richly illustrated and includes articles by connoisseurs of his art as well as an exclusive article by our gallery director, Valery Lalov M.A..


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